About the Software

This site can handle only one file at a time. There are several solutions available for doing the calculation for large numbers of proteins. There are two compiled applications on the Software page. One is a Java application written by Eric Stewart for analysis of genome sized sets of proteins. This has several output options including graphical and is very fast. It is internally documented. It runs under a Java interpreter on the Windows 95 platform and should run on any system that is set up to run Java applications. There are also MacPerl runtime applications that run on Macintosh 68K and PPC platforms. These are independent applications which do not require additional software apart from system 7 or greater. In addition there is a MacPerl droplet and Perl5 script which should run on UNIX hosts with Perl5 installed. ThehePerl versions produce a text file as output. There is accompanying documentation and example sequence files.

For more information, please contact Dana Boyd.

The Perl script below should be capable of handling genomes. It is related to the one that does the calculation on this site and similar to those on the software page. It is given below but does not work properly when copied from Netscape and saved as a text file.

Both UNIX Perl5 and MacPerl are freeware and may be obtained directly or indirectly through the following links:

MacPerl Pages UNIX Perl5 Other Platforms