Homology Detector

Here you can submit your plasmid sequence to look for homology to lInCh vectors.

Paste your plasmid sequence into the field below and give it a name.

Choose the phage vector you want to use for a homology search or another type of action.

Either search a vector.
lInCh1 is for pBR322 type plasmids including pBAD18 and pDHB60.
lInCh2 is for pUC18 and similar plasmids.

Or choose another action.
Reverse and complement your sequence.
Reset the start of your sequence to the pBR replicative origin region.

Then click on a "Submit" button.

If you are a new user you may want to visit the Homology Map Gallery where you can see typical graphical output. Alternatively, just click a "Submit" button to see what the result for lInCh1 and pBAD18 should look like before you try your sequence. Then copy pUC18 and paste it below. Try it with lInCh1 to see what happens when homology regions are split inappropriately, and then with lInCh2.

Enter a name for your sequence replacing ">pBAD18":

Enter your sequence, replacing the pBAD18 sequence, and then click on the "Submit" button.