Gallery of lInCh Homology Maps

Easy or not difficult:


pBAD18 l InCh1


pUC18 l InCh2


pDHB60 l InCh1


  pTRC99A l InCh1


pGEM2 l InCh2


pSVL l InCh1


Easy but two classes of possible recombination products might need to be distinguished for some purposes:


pKK223-3 l InCh1


pBR322 l InCh1


More difficult or much more difficult because of a small region of homology, but possible:


pBAD28 l InCh1 


Possible but not recommended:


pSVK3 l InCh2


pSL1180 l InCh2


pET11a l InCh1


pGEM2 l InCh1




pSVL l InCh2